Forecast for Ligue 1 from MK

Metz – Monaco
Metz, who hung out at the bottom of the League 1 standings last season, doesn’t seem to find any gain for himself. In the first two rounds, the team lost, and Go to Casino X and play online with bonus 200 freespins after registation. now they are living on their usual day of the French championship.
Monaco have come up to the defense of their championship title so far without unnecessary losses glasses. However, the transition to TS Mendy affected the team. Monegasques, playing against outright outsiders, conceded. Only the fans of the team are happy that everything is in order in the attack. 7 goals in two matches – not a bad result.
Metz should not be a stumbling block for Monaco. In addition, this will be the match for Monaco where they can extend their scoring streak. I think two goals from the guests should be expected in this fight.

PSG – Toulouse
PSG is also gaining momentum. Although Amiens and Guingamp were not the teams that could create serious problems for the capital club.
I would not refer to such clubs as Toulouse, which will meet in the 3rd round of Parisians. PSG did not manage to beat the violets last season. Moreover, Toulouse even won a home match.
This season, Toulouse also managed to show its teeth – the reigning champions had to recoup twice in the first round (the match ended with a score of 3: 2). In the last round, Toulouse recorded a victory over Montpellier. It can be seen that the command is not simple.
In favor of PSG in this match will be the fact that they have finally solved the bureaucratic issues related to the transfer of Neymar, and the newly minted “ten” have already managed to score a goal in the last fight against Guingamp.
I think PSG will face a difficult match, in which they will still manage to score two goals in attack against Neymar, Covanni and Di Maria. They will play in front of their native tribunes, whatever one may say.


Krasnodar – Rubin: forecast and rate. Teams will cover the assault guns

Stadium: Krasnodar
Judge: Mikhail Vilkov


Krasnodar: Ari, Wanderson (both – injury).
“Ruby”: Evtich (disqualification).

Team form

Krasnodar in the Russian Championship and the Champions League – two different teams. If in the European Cup Murad Musaev’s team twice endures a strong PAOK, then in the RPL they draw with Sochi (1: 1), merge Dynamo (0: 2) and have not won in two rounds in a row.

Take at least a match with blue and white. Krasnodar showed nothing at all. He consistently failed in defense and did not create a single moment in the attack, except for a couple of long-range shots. Not surprisingly, after ten rounds, the black-greens settled at the equator of the table with 15 points.

Rubin has the same points. True, the Kazan club has other tasks for the season. If “bulls” are cut for silver, then “ruby” – for the zone of European cups. Leonid Slutsky’s team has not won in three matches at home, but consistently gaining points away. She won three of four away games, although she fought against both strong CSKA (2: 1) and unstable Dynamo (1: 0).

Outcome bet

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However, bookmakers prefer the hosts. The victory of the “bulls” goes for 1.86, a draw – for 3.82, the success of the blue and white – for 4.38.

Leonid Slutsky’s team – historically poorly played away. In nine matches in Krasnodar, she scored just one point. However, I would consider the option “Ruby” will not lose in the second half “for 1.61.

Firstly, this rate was played in the last five matches of Leonid Slutsky’s team. Secondly, Krasnodar is unstable in the second 45-minute. He can scoff at a strong PAOK, but without a chance to drain Dynamo. It seems that it will be so now.

Handicap bet

Zero handicap Krasnodar goes for 1.36, Rubin – for 3.16. However, I would consider the option F2 (+1) for 1.54.

Firstly, the Kazan club lost with a difference of two or more goals in just one of the last ten matches. Secondly, Krasnodar won big in only two out of ten games. In both cases, the bulls scoffed at the outsiders: at home they beat Tula Arsenal (2: 0) and Khimki (7: 2).

Total bet

Bookmakers believe that the meeting will be riding. The total goes over 1.86, under 2.01. This is at least amazing.

First, four of the last five head-to-head matches of the teams were grassroots. Secondly, in three of Rubin’s five meetings, no more than two goals were scored. Thirdly, four of the last five matches of Krasnodar in the championship were grassroots. I suppose that we will see no more than two balls in the upcoming meeting.

Bet on the match Krasnodar – Rubin

The teams have not exchanged balls in the last three head-to-head meetings. I guess this trend will continue now. The attack of both clubs looks too unstable.

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Bitcoin can pass the $ 50 thousand milestone in the bankruptcy of the Chinese developer Evergrande

Bitcoin can pass the $ 50 thousand milestone in the bankruptcy of the Chinese developer Evergrande

Bitcoin ends the week with growth, quotes for Saturday added 2% on speculative demand. Bidders during the week and weekends bought back BTC in anticipation of strong growth in the cryptocurrency associated this year with the correlation with the Chinese yuan.

The Celestial Empire will face a local economic crisis if the developer Evergrande defaults on Monday.

China’s leading developer may refuse to repay $ 300 billion on loan obligations, pulling banks and related companies with it. The PRC government refused to participate in the rescue of Evergrande and warned the People’s Bank of this.

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According to analysts, the situation will lead to a jump in demand for the yuan, whose chart will remind many crypto investors of the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market quotes.
Judging by the peaks and troughs that coincide in the figure, Chinese investors are actively buying cryptocurrencies during the growth of CNYUSD and fixing profits on digital assets when the pair weakens.
Evergrande’s default forecast has already impacted the interbank market by skyrocketing yuan-dollar swap rates to 1,843 points. If the developer refuses to pay interest on Monday, Halyk Bank will be forced to adjust the CNYUSD rate towards a sharp increase.

Probably, this movement will repeat the cryptocurrency market, which will allow speculators to bring Bitcoin to $ 50 thousand. According to analysts, taking this psychological milestone will lead to an influx of buyers based on the FOMO effect – the fear of missing out on future profits.


Mlada Boleslav – Zbroevka: prediction for the match

Mlada Boleslav – Zbroevka: prediction for the match
In one of the meetings of the Czech championship Mlada Boleslav will play against Zbroevka. The game starts at 16:00. Bookmakers rate Mlada-Boleslav’s chances much more highly, offering to bet on her victory with odds of 1.95 You can bet on a win with odds of 3.61. And you can bet on a draw with odds of 3.46. According to bookmakers, the effectiveness of the meeting will be at the level of two or three goals: bets on total less than 2.5 goals are offered with odds of 1.90, while betting on TB 2.5 is offered with quotation 1.88.

Mlada-B. – Zbroevka. Key facts about the match

  • Mlada Boleslav played her last meeting in the Czech Championship on December 23 against Slovacko and lost with a score of 2: 3. For Mlada Boleslav it was the third consecutive lost match. She does not win six matches in a row, having suffered five defeats and one draw. In each of the 4 previous matches with the participation of the team, more than two goals have been scored.
  • Zbroevka played the last match in the Czech Championship on December 23 with Banik. The fight ended with a score of 0: 1 not in her favor. For Zbroevka it was the second consecutive lost match. In five previous matches of the tournament, Zbroevka won only one victory, losing four times.
  • The home team is stronger offensively than defensively with a 694 defense rating and a 934 attack rating. Away, on the other hand, is better at defending than attacking: the defense rating is 889, and the attack rating is 772.
  • Home team’s Attack Rating vs. Away Team’s Defense Rating 1.05. The average expected number of goals for the attacking team for this ratio is 1.34.
  • The ratio of the attack rating of the away team and the defense rating of the home team 1.eleven. Statistics say that the expected number of goals of the attacking team for this ratio is 1.42.

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CSKA – Avangard: forecast and bets by Alexander Kozhevnikov

CSKA will definitely win by two goals. It seems to me that they were condemned in the previous match in Balashikha. It’s time to make amends. Physically they sit down, but the youth are acting more or less well. There will be changes in the team, then the game will go differently, differently.

Shalunov was removed for one match, practically for nothing. This is not very good, of course, but also not such a loss, because of which CSKA can crumble. In the fourth meeting, the army team suffered greatly due to their deletions.

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Today it is more important than ever for Igor Nikitin’s wards to take a third victory before returning the series to Balashikha. Every effort will be made. Yes, in fact, they escaped at the very end of the meeting in Balashikha, but in the end they still lost quite quickly.

It’s unclear why they run like that, especially Canadians. Emotions and support from fans can also play a role. I will try to bet on a confident victory for the red and blue in regulation time and with an advantage of two goals.

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Argentina – Uruguay: prediction and rate of Igor Kytmanov

This is the second match for the Argentines in the America’s Cup. The first they drew 1: 1 from Chile, where Messi scored from a free kick.

Argentina has a good possession of the ball, reaches the penalty area and creates chances, but scores little. While Messi is the main weapon of the Argentina national team. We also note the problems in the game on the defensive.

As for Uruguay, this is their first match. We can say that Oscar Tabares’s team is in a certain crisis, but Uruguay can surprise, it can give a fight to any opponent.

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Much in this match will depend on the midfield, and a stellar pair of forwards like Cavani-Suarez simply cannot leave the field without a goal. I think that Uruguay will score, and Argentina has no right to lose, because already in the first round they lost points. As for the draw result, I don’t think it will be scary for the Scaloni team, given the grid and tournament regulations, where four teams will leave the group.

My prediction is a draw and # 171; both to score# 187; with an excellent odds of 4.75.

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