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7 Best Lawn Mower Blades Of 2021

That means you do not need multiple passes to cut your grass to size unless your grass is knee-deep high or over 2 feet. The mulching blades are a sharp tool which usually used in cutting or trimming grasses. They are also a safer way to take care of your garden lawn and weeds by clipping evenly. A mulching blade in fact helps to trim garden grasses in multiple cutting surfaces. It as well allows cutting the grasses, lawns, and weeds into level cuts to give a natural trim. This type of blade has low suction but amazing to clip straightly.

  • If you have a flat, level garden with no rocks or tree roots in the way, then these blades are the right choice.
  • Just imagine, this 2-blade set can be used for the 42-inch Poulan, Husqvarna, Craftsman, and many other mowing machines.
  • G3 gator blade displays higher capabilities with its continuous geometric design.
  • With 10 ft-lbs of torque delivered from its Briggs & Stratton 223cc engine, the 30-inch Toro TimeMaster is our pick as the best large walk-behind lawn mower.
  • It weighs in at 81 pounds, but it is still easy to maneuver with its self propelled system.
  • Made in the USA from tough coated steel, the blade cuts through thick grass in rough conditions with ease.
  • Users with older riding mowers may find that their mower wants to stall when engaging the deck.

Upon looking at them both side by side, you will notice that the design of a mulching blade is much curvier than a regular one. The unusual design makes a mulching blade do additional things while cutting and bagging grass clippings. The Toro Recycler was designed as a replacement blade for a wide range of Toro branded lawn mowers.

Toro Recycler Lawn Mower Blade 108

With this 4-pack of high-quality, non-OEM blades made to fit 42-inch riding mowers, you will have a backup set of blades when it comes time to replace them. Another replacement blade we highly recommend is a set of 21-inch blades made by USA Mower made to work with a number of brands of 42-inch riding mowers. First of all, you should remove the old blades, so you will be able to set the new pair.

Sometimes, the blades do come dull which can be a downer for people looking forward to starting on their new mower right away. After sharpening them though, they last a very long time, almost five years before they are resigned to the scrap box. Grass grows quickly, and it tends to take up whatever space it can find.

Mounting Options Of The Mulching Blades

The teeth, which don’t cut grass clippings, are angled so that they move clippings inward, away from the tip of the blade and back toward the cutting edges. The inward air flow works in conjunction with the vertically circulating air flow, resulting in more cutting opportunities. One manufacturer claims on its website that its toothed mulching blade creates a better, finer mulch than conventional mulching blades. Its high lift blades design helps to funnel grass clippings into the storage bag of EGO Power+ lawn mowers for easy disposal.

best mulching blade for toro recycler

However, it delivers very high performance and has a smooth cutting action. Has a saw teeth-like feature situated at both ends, making it efficient in cutting and mulching grass. Blades have star-shaped mounts which are compatible with different types of lawnmower models.

People simply referred to the latter as ‘lawn mower blades’, as due to the lack of other types, there was nothing ‘standard’ nor ‘special’ about them. They were tailor-made for OEM AM137328, GY20850, GX22151, and AM models, as well as most, if not all John Deere mower models (only those compatible with 42-inch decks, though). These blades are made of remarkably robust and rigid high-carbon steel materials which are certain to withstand all sorts and forms of physical abuse. Others point out that these blades were, in fact, more than adequately sharp at the moment they arrived. Of course, sharpening them up on your own shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but the fact that they’re ready for use straight out of the box is still a substantial benefit. Please follow your mower manufacturer’s installation guidelines exactly when installing blades.

As you’ve seen from the list, there are star-shaped centers (5-pointed and 6-pointed) with smooth or pointy edges or round-shaped holes with diameters between 0.5″ to 1″. There are also bowtie-shaped center holes that are designed according to the relevant mower’s model. They have long, curved surfaces with sharp edges and a toothed design. They are considered all-purpose and are sometimes referred to as 3-in-1 blades. It is recommended to use high-lift blades for tackling tall and dense grass, which creates a more powerful airflow but takes up more power from the engine. Find the manufacturer number mentioned on your original blade or refer to the user manual.

Customers have pointed to its compatibility with different mowers and its ideal use for heavy duty work. It will work very well on branches and leaves, which makes it suited for a variety of conditions. For new users, the 5-point mount can be a bit tough to get right. It should be securely fitting if done well, and should present no loss of RPM when in use. The Maxpower commercial mulching replacement blades are a great option for anyone looking for a solid performer with guaranteed output for all types of lawns.

of torque from the Kohler engine will make sure all the power is there for the toughest jobs. It is a three in one mulcher/bagger, with one of the largest mower bags available. It has the Lawn Boy True Start system that guarantees a start in one or two pulls, meaning starting will never be a hassle. Big eight inch front and rear wheels mounted on genuine ball bearings make it easy to push. It comes with the patented Cub Cadet SureStart system, which means it will start in one or two pulls for the next three years. You’ll pay a good price for this mower, but you’re getting the best performing push mower out there for the money spent along with a three year warranty.

Blade Length

The run time has limitations, and charge times can be slow, but the latest models close the performance gaps between cordless and gas. If you’ve never thought of a mulching blade for your lawn mower before it’s definitely something that you should be thinking about. Any of these blades is going to make things easier for you and keep your yard looking even better too. We’ve found 10 great options and we’ve created a mulching blades review to help you narrow things down for yourself and get the right one. The best time to use a mulching blade is when the grass is dry and the underside of your mower is clean.

It only takes you to follow the direction given on the manufacturer details to fit rightly. This blade is versatile that works great on 22″ recycler lawnmowers, 20332, 20333, 20334, and models. Also, it is great to fit in 20339, 20340, best mulching blade for toro recycler 20353, and lawnmowers. And, this blade has OEM fitting parts that include high in quality surfaces that can be used in any surface. It as well allows you to use it for getting optimal working on the ground and fit at the same time.

The small grass clippings produced by a mulching blade take up less space than larger clippings. So a mulching blade would seem to be a good choice when bagging grass clippings; smaller clipping volume means less frequent emptying of the bag. A mulching blade, however, is specifically designed to keep clippings under the mower deck, not to discharge them from under the deck.

These are the top-rated 5 best mulching blades that will fit universally your mower, depending on the size of the blade. Each blade clearly says about the lawn mower it is compatible with. So, always be mindful of the mower it is well-matched with because you cannot fit a 21-inch blade into a mower whose cutting width is 23 inches. A dull lawn mower blade rips and pulls the grass blades, leaving ragged tears that both weaken the plant and promote fungal growth and other grass diseases.

In the mowing tests, the two-bladed Ego showed a superior cut-quality compared with our runner-up, and this is the primary reason we’d choose this model over the older version. Gator blades are generally high lift although this varies from manufacturer. High lift is still important as it contributes to the mulching ability by lifting the grass up for cutting and then re-cutting over and over under the mowing deck. The Gator like teeth create turbulence that contributes to the grass being cut into fine particles. Gator blades need to be sharpened like any other mowing blades. They don’t need to be razor sharp because the speed of the blades will quickly “roll” the blade over if it too sharp.

The blades cut cleanly and leave no shredded tips on your grass, so your lawn will look fabulous. If you do your mowing on a zero-turn ride-on mower or small tractor, a low lift blade is primarily used for side discharge purposes only. Installing a brand new blade that is perfect for your type of mower will not only help you achieve a perfect cut every time, but it will save you on costly repairs. You can use a file or sharpening equipment, which is meant to be used to sharpen the blade.

Ego Power+ Select Cut Mower Lm2135sp

You can hoist leaves and grass together to clear and clean out your garden, the end results being a beautiful even green ground. There are small notes you have to keep in mind when you’re using these blades. Firstly, you have to sharpen these blades before you use them, and once or twice a year to keep them working in ideal condition. Working over wet grass is not something these blades can do very well. If not bent, then they’re not properly balanced and this creates immense vibrations when the lawnmower is working.

best mulching blade for toro recycler

While picking up a mulching blade, it is important to read the reviews and the specification of the blade. Cylindrical cutting is the best and healthiest way to cut grass. The clean cut allows the grass to spring faster while the cut line is level and even throughout the entire mowed area. These are the most expensive lawn mower types available, but the superior cut provided by a reel mower can’t be denied. Reel mowers, or cylinder mowers, have several blades mounted on a horizontal axis cylinder. They’re inherently heavy but modern materials make manual push mowers light and easy to move.

In such a situation, you need to return the blade so that you can get one that fits. The weight of the blade will determine how quickly you can pick up and move your lawn mower. It will also determine how quickly you will be able to install the blade and take it off. Moreover, the blade has a one-inch center hole that has reducing washers of 3/8 inch, 7/16 inch, 9/16 inch, ½ inch, 5/8 inch, and 13/16 inch. This facilitates greater versatility because you can use the washer to reduce the bore and ensure the blade fits the mower you are trying to fit the blade to. It will flexibly fit any 54-inch deck for lawn mowers no matter the brand.

best mulching blade for toro recycler

Such items are designed in such a way that the clippers are being pushed out for bag collection. Choosing between a mulching blade and a regular one depends on the operation that you want either of them to perform. For such tools to carry out their operation perfectly, they are more curved than regular ones, and they have cutting edges, too. The best mulching blade is one that can perform the most operation in terms of bagging, clipping, or a clean cut. Hence it’s necessary that the mulcher blade you are choosing is versatile and affords you many options aside from mulching. For very long grasses, it would be better if your bag instead of mulch it.